26 December 2015


Holiday eves are a notorious time for politicians to make announcements they hope no one will notice.  On the evening before Christmas Eve, the Washington Post and Politico both reported that the Obama administration is finally going to deport some of the criminal aliens who, in less anxious times, it allowed to thumb their noses—or use another digit--to express their contempt for our laws.  This time, there will be no sorting and even families will be tossed back over the border where they belong.

The Politico story by Seung Min Kim is headlined “Liberals outraged by Obama’s deportation plan.”  Senator Clinton has “real concerns” about this plan, according to her spokesperson Xochitl Hinajosa, and Senator Sanders is “very disturbed.”  (I was ready to agree, but I think the spokesperson was characterizing the Senator’s reaction to the plan rather than commenting on him in general.)  Governor O’Malley called the policy “mindless.”  Really.  And he actually wants to be President of the United States.  Maybe he should run for President of Central America.

And, of course they are against it.  The “hate America first” crowd is always outraged or aghast or ashamed or concerned or disturbed or deeply disappointed when an administration puts the interests of our people and Nation first.  I know exactly what they mean by their outrage, and to them I say “So what?”

One would think that getting rid of people who have made it clear that they have nothing but contempt for American laws would be a good thing—and I suspect that most Americans do feel that way.  The Politico article also reports that the number of law-breaking foreigners and the number of foreign children trying to crash our borders has drastically increased over the same period a year ago.  Three times the number of families and twice the number of unaccompanied children tried to cross our southern border in October and November 2015 as in the same two months in 2014.  And the number of deportations this year is the lowest of any year in the Obama presidency.

Obviously the President has read the political winds and knows that he is viewed as an appeaser on this issue.  Senator Clinton has a checkered history on the issue of deportation—she was for it before she was against it—so anything to cool stories of Democrat love for foreign criminals over law-abiding American citizens will help her.

However, according to the Politico article “The news, arriving on the eve of the holidays, sparked concerns and outrage from Democrats and immigration advocates.”  Sure it did.  These are people whose primary concerns are not for the American people but for the needs, safety, and security of a bunch of people who have no right to be here in the first place and who actually cheat the people from their own countries who have played by the rules and legally applied to immigrate. 

The most telling comment from an “immigration advocate” came from Ali Noorani who is Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum.  He said, ““These are mostly women and children fleeing violence. Surely the Obama administration has a better Christmas in mind than the threat of deportation raids.  To punish these families for our lack of a functioning refugee program that meets the needs of Central America would be a moral tragedy.”

And there it is.  He wants our government to have a refugee program that meets the needs of Central America – not the needs of the United States, not the needs of the American people.

If the Democrats want to know why Trump has not disappeared, there is the answer:  at least he puts Americans first. 

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