24 August 2010


One episode of the TV series Maude centered around a British woman who was studying for her US citizenship exam. Maude was helping her study.

“Why did the colonists revolt against England,” Maude asked?

“I have never understood that,” her friend replied.

“We didn’t like taxation without representation.”

“Well, “ her friend observed, “now you have taxation with representation. Do you like it any better?”

Those of us who were taught American history, before the politically correct bunch decided to rewrite the curriculum, learned about the many taxes that Parliament attempted to impose on our ancestors. The Sugar Act, Stamp Act, the Townshend Acts, and so many others, culminating with the Tea Act, led the people to rise up and demand their independence. So repugnant to the Founding Fathers were taxes that the Constitution as originally written (pre-16th Amendment) provided that “No capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.” Art I, sec 9, cl 4 In other words, a flat or head tax on the citizenry was the only permissible tax on the people.

And history may be repeating itself.

Government at every level is out of control. Ignoring the economic facts, the federal government has spent trillions it doesn’t have on a health care plan that will never work. After the Democrats spent months assuring the American people that a massive expansion of government would result in huge savings, we now learn that they lied.

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Governor Rendell is seeking additional taxes and significant increases from the largest and most expensive state legislature in the Nation. School Boards are kowtowing to the unions and increasing budgets, salaries and taxes on a population that has seen income—and often jobs—dwindle.

Now, the City of Philadelphia is planning to tax bloggers!

According to the Mayor, the City just learned that some bloggers who allow advertising to appear on their blogs have reported the resulting income to the IRS. Deeming such blogs to be “businesses,” the City plans to require bloggers to obtain a business privilege license.

At some point in time, the people are going to wake up. I wonder if November 2 may be reveille?