12 January 2017


A couple of nights ago, President Obama gave his “farewell address”, not from the Oval Office as has been the “tradition” since 1960 (President Eisenhower), but from the McCormick Center in Chicago, before a picked band of rabid, die-hard supporters.  In so doing, he once again proved my thesis that he knows how to campaign for office, but never figured out how to be President.  He needs and feeds off of adoring crowds, and will go anywhere, at any cost, to do what other Presidents were able to do from their desks.

Yesterday, Senator Cory Booker, broke with Senate tradition to “testify” at the confirmation hearings for Attorney General-designate Jeff Sessions.  By all accounts, he did so for the TV time.  His so-called “evidence” against Senator Sessions was some dredged up, dusted off allegations from 31 years ago which have been discredited.  All Senator Booker really did was to wrap himself in the King family mantle.

The 2020 campaign began yesterday, and you can bet that Senator Booker plans on being in the thick of it.  We will see if the Democrat Party falls for the trap of nominating yet another ultra-liberal, north-eastern Senator, or if it leaves the howling proponents of special interest and race-conscious politics and concentrates on all Americans.