03 September 2015


Listening to NPR this morning, the topic was the flood of Syrian economic “refugees”  (people who won’t fight for their own freedom and, instead, move to some other country to sponge off of that nation) attempting to enter western Europe, in general, and England and Germany in particular.  Lest my definition seem unduly harsh, NPR has been full of interviews where the “plight” of the refugees has been reported.  Repeatedly, I hear the complaint that “We are stuck here when we had expected to be in Germany (or Britain) by now where my wife could have had her baby without us paying for it, and we would have housing and an ‘allowance.’”

At this juncture, most are being stopped at the Hungarian border as Hungary attempts to protect its sovereignty.  (My guess is that Hungary has a legitimate fear that if it lets them in, they will be stuck with these people when the rest of Europe says “Enough is enough.”  In a blurb for later programming, I caught a remark by some European commentator complaining that the US is not taking its “share” of these people.

That is an interesting comment, coming as it does in the year that we remember the 70th anniversary of VE day.  For the last 70 years, we have spent blood and treasure to keep Europe free and to allow it to develop. We funded the Marshall Plan. We have spent huge percentages of our GDP to maintain troops in Europe, while the Europeans invested in developing their economies.

Recently, we have been inundated by economic “refugees”  from Central and South America who are illegally entering our country.  I have not heard a single offer from Europe to take these deadbeats off our hands.  It is time for Europe to man up and solve its own problems without foisting them off on us.

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