13 July 2015


Is anyone else as fed up as am I with the whining that is emanating from that fetid peninsula between the Adriatic and Ægean Seas?  Perhaps it is because I have been driving all day and, as the choice of “the lesser of two weevils,” had to listen to NPR for 600 miles. 

Here’s my complaint.  The Greeks elected a government that borrowed other peoples’ money to finance a corrupt bureaucracy and a failed welfare State.  Then, when it came time to pay the piper, the Greek people were stunned to find out that they were expected to pay their debts, even if it meant that they now had to live within their means.  Which they promptly did, right?

Nah!  They whined that Europe was “oppressing” the Greek people by demanding repayment and refusing to lend any more money until the Greek government cleaned up its act by raising taxes and cutting “pensions.”  They whined that Europe was disrespecting them by ignoring the results of a democratic election.  One woman, a psychologist, actually lamented that the EU did not understand that the Greek people had held an election and overwhelmingly decided that they wouldn’t pay.  That being settled, didn’t the EU understand that they now owed the Greek people more loans so they could get on with their lives? Insanity!

You people.  You whine in the outfield.  You whine in the infield.  You whine on the base paths.  What's that make them, Larry?


Can we now get on to something important, such as what are the Kardashians doing this week?

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