23 December 2009


Get ready for a firestorm from the left. MajGen Tony Cucolo, US Army, the Commander, Task Force Marne (I am betting he is CG, Third Infantry Division "The Rock of the Marne")headquartered in Tikrit, Iraq has announced a policy within his command that soldiers who get pregnant in theater, and those who impregnate them (if they can be identified) will face disciplinary action. I can already hear the howls from feminists.

But think about this: If a soldier shoots himself or herself in the foot, necessitating transfer out of theater and leaving the unit short-handed, he or she would face court-martial. Why then ought not a soldier who voluntarily incurs some other condition that results in a similar detriment to the accomplishment of the unit’s mission (which always takes precedence) face similar action? I thought the feminists wanted women to be treated equally and insisted that they be allowed to do anything a man can do in theater.

I hope that the National Command Authority backs General Cuculo on this one.


Kevin said...

I haven't heard the word "malingering" in 20 years! :) I totally agree with your assessment. As sexist as this sounds, it is a readiness issue. Women have no place in combat units. I must now go back to draggging my knuckles on the ground.

Reformed Catholic said...

FWIW ... women have shown their value in combat units.

That said, rules are rules, get pregnant or get someone pregnant in the combat zone, expect punishment.

Its not as if birth control pills and condoms are not available from military hospitals or exchanges.

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