22 December 2009


[START vent] I was installed on Sunday to fill an unexpired one-year term. Last night was my first meeting. This morning I am asking God if He really wants me to do this--the rancor and discord was disheartening. I think at one point I was called a liar and a con man, but I'm not sure. I'll resort to Matthew 18 to sort that out. Merry Christmas!!![END vent]


jim_l said...

Ouch! Mabe that's just the initiation (wishful thinking)?

Quotidian Grace said...

Wow, no time was wasted, was it? Not a good sign.

Rev Kim said...

Yikes. This probably won't help, but because there was rancor and discord, and because you are so grounded in Scripture and can respond from that basis - is perhaps precisely the reason God called you at this time and for this purpose.

And you know we are praying for you, and where you can come to rant.

Mac said...

We are blessed indeed. Our interim pastor, a true strong man of God, has poured out balm in all directions.

God is good, all the time.

Reformed Catholic said...


I was someone taken aback by the original post, but then reading that your church in the middle of an interim period made it clear.

It sounds like the church is in the throes of trying to figure out where it is supposed to be, and what should it be looking forward to in the coming years.

Unfortunately, it also sounds like there are some who are not listening for the Spirit when deliberating.

Hearing that your interim pastor is wasting no time to calm the waters is a good thing. It sounds like he knows his business.

Prayers for yourself and fellow Ruling Elders on the way !!