09 January 2009


Red and Mary walked into the Fellowship Hall together. Standing off to the side of the coffee table were a couple with two small children. They were alone and looked puzzled and a little lonely.

The Painters walked over and introduced themselves. The new folks were Don and Brenda Traveler. They had just moved to East Overshoe from Dallas. As Red started to “introduce” them to Graying, Amanda Bluestone joined them.

“Red, I hate to interrupt, but I simply must talk to you.” Turning to the Travelers, she added, “I’m sure you won’t mind.”

Mary continued to talk with the Travelers, eyeing some of her friends, but no one else joined them.

Amanda said, “Who are those people? Do we know them? What are they doing here?”

Red explained that they were new to the community and were “church shopping.” Don had been raised a Presbyterian, and Brenda was a Baptist, but they had worshiped at a Presbyterian Church in Texas and were looking at Graying first.

“Well, I hope they aren’t disappointed. Do they know that we don’t have a nursery? Where will their children be during the service. I do so hate it when crying babies disturb the service.”

Red assured her that he and Mary would sit with the Travelers and would assist with the children. He turned to rejoin Mary when Ed Carpenter grabbed him by the arm. “Have you seen the latest financials from the Trustees?”

Red shook his head. "Well, they are disturbing. The copier line item is already over budget. Must be all those flyers that Fellowship printed for the pancake breakfast. What a waste. Not one new member and giving is still flat. What are we going to do?”

Red promised to study the document before Session met and turned toward Mary. Edna McTavish stepped in front of him. “There’s a guitar in the sanctuary. Are we having a hootenanny or a church service? Fred Jones (the Worship Ministry elder) isn’t here today. You tell him that we don’t approve of hootenannies here at Graying. I’m just going to head home. Another Sunday ruined.”

By now, it was 10:55. Red joined Mary and the Travelers and headed for the Sanctuary, praying as he walked for peace of mind and calmness as he entered God’s court...

Will the Painters ever get to the sanctuary? Will the Travelers find a church home at Graying? Will the copier budget be restored? Will today’s anthem be “A Lion Sleeps Tonight?” Join us tomorrow for the next episode of Graying Presbyterian Church.


Rev Kim said...

With the copier, the financials, and the way that this new couple was greeted you have me wondering...

Have you been eavesdropping around my church? :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

I cannot wait until you start the chapter on the Pastor's 24 million dollar capital campaign that is going to bring thousands of new members in!!!

*sits at edge of seat*

(this is great stuff!)

Viola Larson said...

Our coffee hour in betwenn services not only destorys time for Sunday School where most people really talk to each other it also can be the loneliest part of Church.

Reformed Catholic said...


I was going to say the same. Mac's doing a great job at this fictional account.

I'm busy writing my account of my service as Evangelism Elder at Stodgy Presbyterian over at my place, amazing parallels.

It goes to show that the nickname of "frozen chosen" for Presbyterians has a new meaning; where "frozen" in time is where many long time members want their Presbyterian church to stay.