01 January 2009


Note: there is a tradition in the Naval Service that the log entry in the first watch of the New Year be in verse. Here goes.

As once again the earth does end
Its journey ‘round the Sun,
Memory flames and blog recalls
A year of pain and fun.

Loved ones gone to Heavenly home
and friends to other parts
Leave icy spots at hearth and home
But warmth within our hearts.

At “Pier” 407 in Carpenter’s Cove
Our good ship still is moored.
Taking services from ashore
With SOP aboard.

She of mem’ry long
With crew of seven all on board,
Ships cats and human throng.

Jumper Girl is still in hack,
For mutiny unsuccessful.
Seems she thought she should command
And said so in a mouth full.

Bionicles provide security
With BB in command.
And if the bad ones do arrive,
He’ll keep things well in hand.

Alex T.C. and Gideon T.C.,
The feline department run,
with Cat Apprentices Gracie
And Uggs, that son of a gun.

And I just watch as all unfolds
In this my sanctuary
As SWM (my pet nickname)
Keeps things from turning hairy.

The mission orders now are in
The Presby’s growing great,
But now we have to make it work
Before it is too late.

‘Tween Presby and the VA gang
I’ve little time for leisure.
I pray for peace this year (at last)
From ghosts and dreams full measure.

So here’s to A.D. 2009,
May the little fellow prosper,
And we in it should do our best
The Great Commission to proffer.

For ‘tis not us who win the day
Or earn our own salvation,
But only grace, and grace alone,
Will save us, one or nation.

So, when we meet the Great CO
Who calms the restless sea,
We’ll sail in watching with hopeful eyes
For His flag hoist, "Well done (BZ).


Quotidian Grace said...

Very clever, Mac!
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Reformed Catholic said...

Bravo !!

Bill Crawford said...

Glad you got that out of the way - lol. Thanks for the effort good buddy.

Back in the saddle on the bayou.