27 November 2008


When we woke up this morning, it was colder than usual in the house--we are great believers in quilts, except for Horse Girl who is perpetually "sweating to death."

I checked the thermostat--60 degrees. Recycled the thermostat--no joy.

Thankfully, we have a great HVAC service firm and we subscribe to their annual plan which includes a check-up in the fall and spring and, best of all, guaranteed emergency service. I called and they promised they would have someone out within 90 minutes.

Pat showed up in about an hour. I briefed him on my suspicion that the ceramic igniter had failed, as it has several times in the past. "A York?" he asked.

"Oh yeah," I replied and he nodded sagely.

"First, let me check the thermostat," he suggested. We went into the dining room and opened the automatic thermostat I installed when we bought the house 14 years ago.

"Ahhhh," Pat said.

"What," I said. (This is about as brilliant as the conversation got. Sorry.)

"Did someone use the air conditioner lately?" Pat asked gently. [Last night's low was 26 F.]

Horse Girl picked that very moment to walk in and sleepily ask, "Has anyone seen my cat?"

"Hey, Sis," I asked. "Did you get hot last night and turn on the air conditioner?"

"It wasn't me," she exclaimed. "Why does everyone always blame me? I'm tired of this family always blaming me for everything! Oh, there he is. Come here, Alex [T. Cat]. Hmmmmmph. Gruuuuuuuuuuble. Is there anything GOOD to eat in this house?" It went on for another five minutes, but I won't bore you, and frankly, I stopped listening.

Pat was very understanding as we switched to "Heat" and the system came to life. The trip was covered under our plan, and he got our call done in five minutes.

I told SWMBO what had happened and she whispered, "Bionicle Boy."

I went to his room. "Hey, BB, did you by any chance get hot last night and turn on the air conditioner?"

Wide eyes. "No. That is, yes. I forget." This from a boy who can recite the detailed history of every Bionicle since the the Rock of Ages.

I am just remembering that we prayed for these very children and God gave them to us and I am very thankful--if just a bit peeved. 8>)

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