20 October 2008


Sam T. Cat passed away quietly in his sleep yesterday. He was 13 (or so) and suffering from cancer. He was a good cat and will be missed by his adopted family, Food Guy, Lap Lady, Horse Girl, and Bionicle Boy.

Sam adopted his family one rainy evening in 1999. He had apparently been deserted by his previous family and appeared at the door meowing sadly. Food Guy allowed Sam to spend the night in the garage with a bowl of water. "Whatever you do, don't feed him or let him in the house," Food Guy told Lap Lady.

When Food Guy got home the next night, he passed Sam in the front hall. Sam, newspaper in hand, er, paw, was headed to the basement where the cat boxes were located. Sam's newly adopted vassals, Coco and Tail Pipe (companion of the late, lamented Muffler), received him into their domain with the requisite hissing, followed by indifferance on all sides. They preceded him in death.

Having been on his own for awhile, never knowing where his next mouse might come from, Sam felt a duty to eat any food he found. As a result, he reached a weight of just under 30 pounds. Accordingly, he was inducted into the "Ancient and Honorable Wall of Shame" at his vet's office. Sam laughed off that honor, saying only that "It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it."

Placed on a diet, he grudgingly and with loud complaint had reduced his poundage to 23 pounds at the time of his death. Diagnosed with cancer in August, he never complained. He slept next to Lap Lady, purring loudly, on Saturday night. He moved to his favorite spot on the bedroom floor when Food Guy came to bed, and died in his sleep.

His current vassals, Alex, Gideon, Uggie and Gracie, have taken their loss with notable unconcern, although they did host a banquet in Sam's honor on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Monday morning, etc. He was interred with full cat honors in Mom-Mom's back yard yesterday afternoon.

Sam was one of the good guys who enjoyed sniffing the air on the deck and curling up in a sunny spot for a nap. He has left a hole in our lives.

I have often thought that cats are a sign that God has a sense of humor. I am confident that when He got to work at the great judgement seat yesterday morning, He found Sam curled up on the cushion. Sam undoubtedly acknowledged His presence, saying only, "Oh, and I suppose you expect me to move?"

No flowers, please. Instead, give your beloved pets a big hug and tell them, "This one's on Sam The Cat."

Rest well, old buddy.


Quotidian Grace said...

I gave Beatrice a big hug in honor of Sam the Cat Of Blessed Memory.

Rest well, faithful friend.

Red_Cleric said...

I shall snuggle the fur off our two monsters in memory of Sam.


Rev Kim said...

So sorry. Our pets do leave an emptiness when they depart.

I will give Newman his favorite - a belly scratch - in honor of Sam the Cat.

Dave Moody said...

Hey, I got a cat you can have. I'll express Machu (as in Pichu-- he was ruined and abandoned when he found us) to you. Just say the word. On me. Really. No strings...

... and being a Philadelphia Lawyer and all, you'll need to help me plan my defense with the kids.

grace & peace,