22 October 2008


I love readingThe Reformed Pastor, but this time, he's all wet. The Fightin' Phils will reign triumphant this October. Now I can understand the frustration of Braves fans who have seen their team repeatedly choke in the post season, and Heaven knows that Phillies fans are familiar with frustration. But to side with a league that adopted the hated designated hitter over the team representing all that is good and pure in baseball (tongue firmly in cheek) is a travesty.

The Fightin's are a dangerous team throughout the lineup, and our pitchers can actually use the stick. They have bonded this year, winning what I believe is the toughest Division in baseball. As much as it galls this lifelong Cardinals, and for the past 20 years Phillies, fan to say it, ("c'mon boy, spit it out--you can do it), them there Mets and Braves are pretty good organizations. Sure Atlanta had a tough year, but history says thay'll be back, and the Mets are always a tenacious foe. But this was the Phil's year and they are chomping at the bit to get the Series underway.

So, here I go: Phillies in five and Shane Victorino as series and league MVP.


Rev Kim said...

Dave & I made it through the Angels-Red Sox playoff series without needing marriage counseling - probably due to the fact that I was in Dallas reading ordination exams that week. But when the Sox won that series, I waited a good long while to call him that night.

I hadn't decided who to pull for in the Series - stay with my league? Pull for the team that went from the bottom to the top? Being a Dallas Cowboys fan (albeit more from the Tom Landry-Roger Staubach 70s & Troy Aikman-Emmitt Smith 90s, it's extremely hard for me to pull for any team from Philadelphia.

But I suppose in this case, I can do it :)

Hope you enjoy the Series!

Mac said...

What is it with you Kims? Contrarian to a fault. 8>)

My long-haired roommate, a born and bred Pennsylvanian, refuses to support any of the Philadelphia teams, with the exception of the Wings professional lacrosse franchise. She especially insists on cheering for the 'boys,much to my chagrin!

Rev Kim said...


reformedpastor said...

My prediction had nothing to do with my being a Braves fan, though we did have a bad year and I'm still bitter about that. :-) And it pains me to have to predict against my league--I've been a National League guy my whole life. But the Rays are a great story, and I can't help but think that something--call it destiny--will carry them through.

Rev Kim said...

Congratulations! Soak up every bit of your team's great victory!