03 June 2008


The PC(USA) strikes again.

According to The Layman, Whitewater Valley Presbytery in Indiana is getting ready to launch a preemptive strike against First United Presbyterian Church (College Corner Presbyterian Church) in College Corner, Ohio, and Wallace Street Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Both are considering ending their affiliation with the PC(USA). In so doing, the presbytery effectively amends the Book of Order by removing G-11.0103i and G-7.0304a(5).

At its stated meeting June 4, the Presbytery commissioners are scheduled to vote on a recommendation from the presbytery's committee on ministry to form administrative commissions for both churches. The ACs' powers would "take effect when it should become evident to the commission that minister(s) or congregation members are moving toward expressing a desire for separation and the reconciliation is not likely." (Emphasis added.)

They would have:

1. "Authority to dissolve the session and assume the full powers and jurisdiction of the session" as soon as the session "calls for a congregational meeting for the purpose of considering actions leading to separation from the PCUSA."

2. "Authority to dissolve the pastoral relationship upon evidence that the pastor has advocated separation from the denomination or upon renunciation of jurisdiction. . .."

In other words, a COM has now recommended that a presbytery ignore the constitutional right of congregations to ask to be dismissed, as well as the permissive power of the congregation to disaffiliate.

The report of the COM also contains a threat to any other churches that might consider exercising its rights to request dismissal or to disaffiliate. "The COM sincerely hopes that no other churches will seek separation."

The hypocrisy of the bureaucracy of the PC(USA) is stunning. When presbyteries adopted resolutions expressing their intent to enforce constitutional qualifications for ordination, the liberals rushed to the church courts to prevent enforcement of clear constitutional mandates. Now, when churches seek to exercise their constitutional right to leave the PC(USA), the same bureaucrats ignore tha constitution and plan to coerce those congregations.

It is all about centralized power in the curia in Louisville!


will said...

You are right that the hypocrisy in this is stunning. And yes, it comes from a minority of so-called 'leaders' somewhere in Kentucky.

However, it is, and will continue to be PC(USA) policy until and unless Presbyterians demand it stop. I'm not sure the 'silent majority' going about its business and ignoring the patently immoral actions of the Louisville cartel can claim any semblance of morality. Ignorance of the situation no longer strikes me as a legitimate excuse. That presbyters at meetings don't object is startling. That sessions don't object is more startling.

wisejargon said...


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