20 November 2012


Throughout the run-up to the general election, all we heard from the useful idiots of the Democratic Party was condemnation of the “obstructionist” Republicans. The Republicans in the House drew lines in the sand and just wouldn’t give in to the clearly morally superior Democrats. How dare they stand on principle? People who don’t group think with the liberal elites are not allowed principles. Their principles get in the way of what the liberal establishment knows is best for the poor stupid American people. No, the only correct and moral behavior is to compromise.

Until now, that is. Within a matter of days, the three top useful idiots in the capitol sang a different tune. First, Whinin’ Nancy, shocked that the American people would have the temerity to keep the House in Republican hands, moaned to the press. According to Whinin’ Nancy, she simply will not tolerate any compromise on increasing taxes.

She will “reject” any agreement the President negotiates to prevent the catastrophic “fiscal cliff” if it does not soak the “rich,” which she defines as couples making in excess of $250,000. No, by God. Better that the entire economy really kamikaze than to allow those pikers, who already pay nearly 40% of all revenue from the personal income tax, to keep more of their money. They need to pay their “fair share” so that Congress has more money to spend.

If she is really serious about a fair share, then let's just have a flat tax that starts at dollar one for every person in the Nation. That will be about as popular as a goat at a wedding amongst most of WN's national constituency.

Now, in my household, if I have X dollars and want to spend X+ 20%, I have a problem. See, if I go out and take that extra 20% from my neighbor, that selfish cad, I’ll end up in jail. Apparently I am supposed to live within my means.

But what if I want to spend my money (and my neighbor’s) on really neat stuff? According to WN, I ought to have the right to penalize my short-sighted neighbor. I mean, c’mon. What’s the fun in being a Congressperson if I can’t spend more and more of the people’s money for the noblest of all purposes, i.e., getting re-elected.

 About the only good news here is that WN is irrelevant—she has no say because as the Pres is so fond of saying, “Elections have consequences.”

 Ah, but let us bid a fond farewell to the happy minority denizens of the people’s house and sail a few yards north to the Senate. Who do we meet? Look, it is Dirty Dick Durbin. He has something to say.  He is aghast that perhaps—just perhaps—there might be a deal in the works to raise the threshold from $250K to a cool million.

"Absolutely not," cries DDD. "It's a reasonable number. I'm not sure what we're proving with (the millionaire tax)."

Well, for one thing, Triple D, along with WN and Lyin’ Harry Reid, are proving that they are ready to destroy the economy in exchange for a tax rate that would produce enough extra revenue to fund the federal government for, wait for it, here it comes, eight days!

And remember, py yumpin yiminy, Triple D and his cohorts simply will not cut spending by eight days’ worth of income. Nope. If they do that, Rich Trumpka will send in his bully boys to start knee capping people.

Never mind that by getting rid of the Department of Education (a misnomer if ever there was one) we could save a hundred billion bucks right now. Get rid of a department that does not educate a single child. Let the States perform their traditional role as the providers of education fitted to the needs of localities rather than a one size fits all scheme thought up and imposed by all of those bureaucrats who shuffle paper while consuming tens of billions of dollars that could really be used to educate our children.

Nope. Better to draw a line in the sand. If we don’t penalize those pikers for being hard-working successes, more Americans might begin to think it is a good idea for them to keep some of their money, too. Oh, the agony!

But wait, folks, there’s more. Now entering the spotlight is that champion of the people, that foe of the obstructionist filibuster, put your hands together and give a big welcome to Lyin’ Harry Reid.

Now LH isn’t going to stoop to such mundane things as trying to save the economy. That’s what he has Triple D for. Nope, LH is going to stonewall any attempt to find out the truth behind the, purely coincidental, I am sure, cover up of the facts about the attack on American soil in Benghazi. (For those of you who didn’t have Civics in high school because we needed a quota course on great left-handed female field hockey players, embassies are considered to be the sovereign soil of the country whose embassy occupies that soil.)

From David Petraeus, we learned that someone altered the CIA’s talking points issued right after the attack to make sure the attack was not characterized as, well, an attack, much less a terrorist attack.

But according to LH , that’s not gonna happen, no matter how many Senators, including not a few in his own caucus, want it to be investigated. Nope, a select committee would need a floor vote to be created, and Reid said he wouldn’t permit it. He won’t let such a request come to the floor. No need to organize a filibuster of a number of Senators. One guy can make sure the White House never has to explain how politics took precedence over a mere four American citizens’ lives. Now, if they had been driving a terrorist to a planning meeting, that would have been a different story, but luckily, they were just loyal, patriotic citizens. Whew!

“The elections are over,” Reid wrote. “It is time to put an end to the partisan politicization of national security and begin working together to strengthen our efforts to dismantle and destroy the terrorist networks that threaten us.” Too bad he didn’t feel that way before November 6.

Have they no shame?

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