05 October 2012


As I sit in the bullpen of life, I have more time to ponder some interesting questions.  

For instance, why is it that someone who never had the guts to wear any uniform, much less earn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor, seems to think that it is OK, in the middle of a family crisis, to berate someone for the current crisis (which has nothing to do with military service) and then throw in the zinger “and you’re not much of a Marine in my book.” 

Now, a Marine will take criticism from another Marine, although in a crisis he is much more likely to hear “I’ve got your back, shipmate. Semper Fi.”    The airborne guys and Rangers I have known probably feel the same way.  But for someone whose “book” shows he didn’t have the cojones to serve even in peacetime, much less lead men in combat, for him to suggest that his “book” means anything is pitiable. 

A man like that wouldn’t make a pimple on a good Marine’s ass, in my book.

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