12 August 2012


Mitt Romney made the right call.  I don't know if it will help or hinder his chances for success in November, but it does show that the Romney (now the Romney-Ryan) campaign will be more about  the facts and new ideas than their opponent's touchy-feely scare-mongering retreat to the out-moded aims and harmful effects of 1932 and 1965. 

Ryan is one of the most intelligent people in our current government.  He speaks the truths that others are unwilling to utter.  The federal behemoth takes from and spends altogether too much of the people's money on things that are not the within the sphere of federal responsibility.  We are going broke kowtowing to special interests that are all take and no give.

Now, the American electorate may be too selfish or too stupid to take his words to heart, but when Ryan speaks, we surely ought to listen.  Even if the R-R team loses in November, we can go back and listen to Ryan's utterances to understand what happened and why when the biggest bubble of them all finally bursts

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