21 December 2011


I have a complaint about the Republican majority in the House! As soon as the gasps and questions from my Sister and others subside, I will continue.

I want to ask the Republican leadership why they are letting the Democrats roll them like a San Diego lady of the night rolls a sailor on a liberty weekend?

To hear the White House and “Lyin’Harry” Reid tell it (and Nancy somebody, but nobody listens to her anymore),  “160 million working Americans” are going to find a tax bill for $1000 in the mailbox on January 2. (I try to listen to the White House press briefing every day—it is broadcast on POTUS on Sirius/XM satellite radio. Twice this week, I began to count the number of times Press Secretary Jay Carney said “a tax increase for 160 million working Americans.” I stopped at 35 each time. Today, he also declared that only economists who agree with the White House are really economists. Check the transcript.)  Now, everyone knows that the tax will be a few dollars every payday, and the decrease will be passed eventually and back-dated, but to hear Carney, and "Lyin' Harry talk, it sounds like the end of the world.

Tonight, I heard Lyin’ Harry’s cohort, Charles “Two-Faced Charlie” Schumer, on the PBS News Hour.  "Usually, when a bill is sent from the Senate to the House, the House is expected to take it up for a vote. But Speaker Boehner won’t do that.”

I waited for the reporter to ask Two Faced Charlie if it works both ways?  How many times has Lyin’ Harry refused to call up a House bill? I recall that when it was the debt extension, the President and Lyin’ Harry refused any two month extensions. “The American people need certainty,” they cried. “Only a one year extension will do.”

In fact, the President is on record as wanting a one year extension of the payroll tax cut, but “Lyin’ Harry” won’t bring that up because it’s his way or the highway.

But PBS isn't going to betray their liberal bias.  Surely there is someone in the media, other than Fox, who will tell the truth.  Not ABC, of course.  Carney's wife works for them.  But surely there is someone.   I’m not holding my breath.

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Alan said...

I had the same thought Mac. It's as if the House Rep. have decided to give the election to the Dem. simply on the basis of taxes...