12 November 2009


When I asked SWMBO’s Dad for her hand in marriage, he said, “Well, sure, Son. You have my blessing—there’s always room for one more nut in this squirrel cage!”

In that vein, the Scuttlebutt household has grown by one—a ten month old Border Collie-Shepherd mix named Ava.SWMBO, Jumper Girl, and Bionicle Boy are delighted, but I must admit that we have bonded and Ava likes me best.

The Four Amigos (Alex T. Cat, Gideon T. Cat, Uggie T. Cat, and Princess Gracie T. Cat), on the other hand, are not amused.

Just as, after raising boys, I found out that daughters are completely different, so, too, I am discovering that dogs and cats are different. I have been raised by cats since I was 10—never a dog. This morning at 0500, I learned that there is no such convenience as a “dog box.” Further lessons to come.

And now that she has the dog she has wanted for so long, Jumper Girl just suggested that a pig and a goat would be a great addition to our suburban household! Ah, the excitement of the young. (The answer was a resounding "No.")


Rev Kim said...

Dave awoke with me this news this morning, and I'm just getting here to offer my congratulations!

Dave knows well that duty calls in the wee hours of the morning. But at 3:00 a.m. this morning, it was me. It's great fun being out there when it's 30 degrees, a stiff wind is blowing, and the pup decides he'd rather play than do what he's supposed to do out there. But there's also nothing like when they are so happy to see you when you get home, or when they sense you are troubled and come and lay their head on you and give you a nuzzle.

Congrats again. Newman & Redford are wagging their tails and woofing in approval!

Alan said...

I was the opposite. I was raised with outdoor dogs and married a cat person, hence I am now the one who waits on two cats.

All of God's creatures seem to take us through a learning curve don't they.


Reformed Catholic said...

I'd love a dog, but the two old ladies here (no, my wife is not one of them) would probably use my chair instead of the box if I got one ;)

This is too good, if you look at it and substitute one vowel for another its kismet about this comment.

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