18 September 2009


. . . .or, as SWMBO was heard to say, "Another glorious chapter in the Scuttlebutt family adventure!"

I was driving to pick up my daughter at school yesterday. As I reached to pick up a cough drop on the console, the shoulder that has tricked me before showed that while you can't teach an old shoulder new tricks, it can still play the old ones. For the second time in my life, it completely dislocated. (I stopped counting the partials about 20 years ago.)

I reacted in a manful way, if screaming and spasming is manful, hitting the gas and sending the truck into a tree. A nice petite little lady in a black jump suit came running toward me to help--which I saw as a VC, so I fought my way out of my seat belt, bailed, and played hide and seek with her around the truck until one of my neighbors drove up and called my name.

After a fun few hours in the local ER, they finally knocked me out and the shoulder is back at home in its socket--and sore as can be. God was truly with me and I thank him for his mercies.

Truck may be totalled 8>(. As the bumper sticker says, "My wife ran off with my kids and my truck. Reward for return of truck.>" (Tongue firmly in cheek.)

But I have admit, injury causes wreck seems a lot like man bites dog!


Rev Kim said...

Oh, Mac! I'm so sorry! Hope you are on the mend.

Reformed Catholic said...


I've got a left-hand thumb that does that. If I hit it wrong, I see nothing but stars, and the hand then moves back with a life of its own as "sunny beaches" comes out of my mouth.

Totally a reflex action, with no conscious thought whatsoever.