24 May 2009


It happened again.

I am in St. Louis for my niece’s graduation from high school. Last night at dinner, a waiter wished us a “happy Memorial Day.” My brother-in-law who was awarded a Silver Star and was a POW and I both cringed. It is not a happy day—it is a day of solemn remembrance of our comrades who died on the field of honor.

So, this weekend, please remember in prayer the families of our honored dead.

I will be traveling home tomorrow, but Lucas, Zimmerman, Tews, Unfried, Wandrow, Phipps, and Chip will be with me all the way.


Rev Kim said...

We did just that today in our prayers, along with giving thanks for those who are currently serving. A 19-year-old whom I baptized last year is being deployed to Iraq with the Wyoming National Guard.

Thank you, too, Mac, for your service to our country.

Reformed Catholic said...

Amen ....