08 April 2009


On Thursday night, Red, Mary and the children arrived at the Church at 6:30 for the 7:00 o’clock Maundy Thursday Communion Service. The usual suspect wandered in—the choir, some of the elders and deacons, and a few of the older members.

Don and Brenda Traveler and their children walked in and,to Red’s surprise and delight, Mary Lou Sunstadt and Annie Parker quickly moved to greet them. Mary waved, and the Travelers came over to sit with the Painter family. Because the Men’s Choir was singing, Mary had the night “off,” giving her some time with Brenda.

The service and candle lit communion was, as usual, a time of spiritual enrichment.

As they were leaving the church, Mary and Brenda planned for the two families to meet for the Youth Group’s traditional Easter breakfast in the Fellowship Hall and for the families to worship together on Sunday morning.

In the car, Mary said, “They are really interested in Graying. The folks at the Community Church were really friendly, but they want a deeper spiritual nurture, and they are getting that from Rex. You need to tell him that—he needs encouragement.”

Red smiled. This is a time of spiritual rebirth, he thought.

On Sunday morning, the Fellowship Hall was packed, as was the Sanctuary. Red and the children sat with the Travelers, while Mary headed for the choir loft. Several of the regulars, arriving at their usual time, were stunned to see strangers sitting in “their” seats, but many took the opportunity to welcome visitors. Red made note of two new faces and , with Mary Lou Sunstadt, made sure that they introduced the folks to Rex and that they got addresses and phone numbers.

The choir rattled the rafters with The Holy City. The joyous message of the empty tomb and our risen Lord resonated in prayer, song, the written Word read and the Gospel rightly preached.

We may have issues, Red thought, but we also have the good news of Jesus Christ, and nothing can top that! We just have to be the people that God has called us to be. We’ll still have things to do next week and next month and next year to be the Church with skin on. We just need to keep the Main Thing the main thing. He is risen! Hallelujah, Amen!

And with the dear brothers and sisters of Graying Pres, I join in proclaiming to all “He is risen! He is risen indeed!”

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Rev Kim said...

Beautiful! Thanks for reminding me to keep the Main Thing the main thing. I needed that today.