25 April 2008


It has been a very interesting seven weeks as the Democrats came to Pennsylvania for the primary. Six months ago, no one would have expected the game to still be in play by now, and with no reasonable expectation that either candidate will quit, the fun will continue until at least June.

I am intrigued by the pass that Clinton's campaign is apparently getting on misfilings with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). On Monday, the day before the primary, we were told that while Hillary's campaign owed $10 million, it had some $9 million in the bank. She had lots of money and was still a viable and desired candidate. Wednesday, the media and the airwaves (I love XM Radio's POTUS 08 network!!!) were alive with Clinton mouthpieces extolling her ability to raise $2 million in just 24 hours, thus putting her back in the black.

Today we learn that because her campaign "mistakenly" put her $5 million loan to herself in the wrong block on the report to the FEC, she actually owes over $15 million. So much for financial viability and credibility.

Now, if anything is certain, it is that this campaign staff knows the ins and outs of campaign operation. I am confident that the information was placed where it was knowingly. Whether or not this constitutes a violation of federal campaign law remains to be seen, but no one can convince me that the folks running this campaign made such a bush league "mistake."

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Red_Cleric said...

You wrote, "I am confident that the information was placed where it was knowingly" Perhaps that the attorney in you speaking. I'm NO Hillary supporter but I'm a very strong believer in 'never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity'.

I've come across a lot of stupid people who get in campaign programs because of intention, donations and free time, not because of knowledge.

To be certain it will be interesting. Who would have thought that us po'little Oregonians would have a say in the nominations?