06 March 2008


We are blessed with a Spring day today, sun, mild temperatures and no wind. For all I know, tomorrow will be snow, but today is a blessing.

School was out early today for teacher conferences. The First (and only) Mate and Horse Daughter (who wants the handle "Jumper" because jumping is the best part of riding and at age 11, with 5 plus years under her belt, she ought to know) are at the stable. Cloud (the horse) won four ribbons last weekend, so he will be an appreciated horse today--until he refuses at the first jump. Ah, well.

Bionicle Boy stayed home. As the sun sinks into the west and the temps drop some, he is inside and merrily playing with his Bionicles. For any who have not had the privilege, Bionicles are a LEGO product that is based on Polynesian legends. Bionicle Boy and his best bud played a whole afternoon a couple of Saturdays ago and I did not understand a word they said. Lots of "mata nui" and "matorans" and so forth.

I am blessed to have gotten a second go at fatherhood. Knowing now that it passes in the blink of an eye, I have paid closer attention to the wonders, joys and trials of childhood this time.

And now, if the Phillies can just get things together.......

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